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€35 BEFORE SALES - Juppy Baby Walker (Beige)
€35 BEFORE SALES - Juppy Baby Walker (Beige)
€35 BEFORE SALES - Juppy Baby Walker (Beige)
€35 BEFORE SALES - Juppy Baby Walker (Beige)
€35 BEFORE SALES - Juppy Baby Walker (Beige)
€35 BEFORE SALES - Juppy Baby Walker (Beige)
€35 BEFORE SALES - Juppy Baby Walker (Beige)
€35 BEFORE SALES - Juppy Baby Walker (Beige)
€35 BEFORE SALES - Juppy Baby Walker (Beige)
€35 BEFORE SALES - Juppy Baby Walker (Beige)

€35 BEFORE SALES - Juppy Baby Walker (Beige)



The Juppy is Known as The Safest Baby Walker!

Did You Know?
Every year hundreds of thousands of babies visit the emergency room with learning to walk related injuries. Injuries such as abrasions, lacerations, broken bones and concussions. The Juppy completely eliminates this problem as well as reducing the stress on a parents back when teaching their child to walk. We are not suggesting that you create a bubble for your baby. We have successfully designed a Baby Walker that builds confidence much like training wheels on a bicycle.

Maureen Saguna reviews our Juppy. Verdict: 'Juppy is the safest and most comfortable baby walker I’ve come across so far. I would recommend it to anyone with a baby who is showing an interest in walking. I also love the satin pouch it comes in.' Click here for the full review.

Maltese youtuber Thays Mami T reviews the Juppy Ultra Comfy in the this video.

Product Info

  • Made of 100% Breathable Cotton Keeping Your Baby Comfortable
  • Will Not Overheat Your Baby Like Other Similar Walkers
  • Goes Beyond all U.S and Canada Safety Standards
  • The Only Baby Walker Compact Enough to Fit in Your Purse
  • Adjustable Straps that Work for Short and Tall Parents
  • Our Sturdy Zipper Offers Much More Safety For Your Baby Than Velcro
  • No more back pain! When you teach your baby to walk with the Juppy you stand upright
  • The Juppy is suited for babies of all sizes provided they do not exceed 13.5 kg / 30 pound
  • Doctor recommended

✓ Reduces injuries related to learning to walk.
✓ The unique body design promotes a natural posture for your baby.
✓Builds confidence and teaches balance.
Eliminates hunching over while teaching your baby to walk.
The Juppy is the only baby walker that fits in your purse!
✓ The safety of The Juppy Baby Walker is unmatched.

WARNING: This item is not intended for swinging or carrying your child.

Have you ever supported a baby as he or she was learning to walk?  If so, you know how hard on the back it could be, constantly bending over.  In some countries, mobile baby walkers are no longer permissible by law, leaving mums and dads with terrible back ache as they try to provide some mobile freedom for their developing child. But now, there is a new doctor-recommended training aid called The Juppy that eliminates the need to bend over.  It's simple design is safe and made from high quality fabric. 

Whether you are at home working, at home mum, a grandparent or the baby sitter, the Juppy is ideal! It is a simply designed baby item that has been featured on several hundred blogs for mums.

The reviews have been 100% positive, mostly due to the fact that the Juppy reduces your pain, eliminates possible injury to your child and it fits in a purse!

Click here to see The Juppy in action video

Important Safety Information

  • The Juppy requires adult supervision at all times.
  • Do not entangle or twist straps around baby's neck.
  • The Juppy is not designed to carry your child around; do not suspend, drag or swing your child about while using the Juppy.
  • Do not allow baby to insert arms inside of the Juppy during use, this prevents the child from achieving proper balance.
  • Please take extra care when zipping the back, being careful not to trap clothing or skin of your child.
  • Do not use the Juppy to walk your child up or down stairs.
  • Make sure that straps are securely fastened before walking your baby.
  • Always have firm grip on the straps at all times to prevent any falling.
  • It is normal for your baby to take a minute or two to adjust to the Juppy.

The Juppy Baby Walker Instructions

  1. Adjust straps to shortest possible length to ensure parents arms are straight down.
  2. Place baby on your lap while sitting down and slide 
  3. Juppy on like a pair of pants.
  4. Zip the back of the Juppy, zipper is located in the back of the Juppy
  5. Now we're ready to walk!


“I had the opportunity to watch the Juppy in action and I was amazed.”
As a parent, I can recall the hours spent hunched over my children as they learned to walk. Your device eliminates the aching back that goes along with it. The Juppy also should eliminate the chance of a nursemaid's elbow, a very common injury to children as a result of pulling on an arm and dislocating the elbow. The Juppy's straps allow a even pull with very little strain on the toddler. I was most impressed with its simplicity. I would even go so far as to say it is brilliant!

Dr. John Lepore D.O., F.A.A. | Kidfixers Pediatrics
“Their daughter LOVES it!”
We tried the Juppy together and then I lent it to a mother and father. They like it very much and their daughter LOVES it. She points to it, "asking" to wear it, and later, when it's time to take it off, she cries! Because the Juppy has given her the freedom to practice walking without the fear of falling, her balance is steadily improving. For a child like this, the Juppy seems an excellent tool to have in a physical therapist's "bag of tricks.

“My daughter has gross motor delay/sensory issues (vestibular disturbance), and I fully believe your product helped her immensely! I can tell you the Juppy Baby Walker is #1 – it has given my daughter the confidence to begin to walk on her own. I just wanted to thank you, and tell you I also boast about your excellent customer service! ”
– Monica Maron

Ellen Schwartz, PT

“This is the first time I have ever felt compelled to comment about a product”
As a mother and a grandmother, I’ve seen quite a few products come and go on the market for babies. My newest grandchild received a Juppy last week and I was pleasantly surprised when I seen him in it. The bucket type holder for the baby is very comfortable for them (compared to one on the market that goes under the child’s arms). You feel very secure holding the baby and letting them try walking. The workmanship of the product is excellent. You can tell there was a lot of thought went in to the product about baby’s safety and comfort and the comfort of the adult holding the straps. To the other Nanny’s out there I would certainly recommend you looking for this for your bundle of joy

Nanny C

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